Let Me Find Your Dream Home in Brevard County

Let Me Find Your Dream Home in Brevard County

Your Pet Friendly Realtor in Brevard County

Whether you’re buying or selling a property, Jacquie Heinze is the pet friendly real estate expert for you!

Jacquie is pleased to work with clients with or without pets. She has 25 years’ experience working with animals and combines her real estate knowledge to specialize in serving pet owners. Jacquie has gathered valuable information that allows her to give expert advice, tips and the inside scoop on all aspects of buying or selling a home while ensuring your pets are a top priority.


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Need Help Staging your Home?

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression.”
Will Rogers

When you’re selling your home, you want that immediate “wow” factor from potential buyers as they walk through the door. That’s where Jacquie’s home staging expertise comes in.

With Jacquie’s keen eye for design, she will skillfully transform your home to create a love at first site for buyers.

Jacquie’s focus is:

  • Curb appeal
  • Entry
  • All areas seen from the entry
  • Main living room
  • Kitchen
  • Master suite
  • Outdoor living area
  • Undefined areas


Can my pets help sell my home?

Yes! If buyers are pet owners, they will want to see if the property is warm and inviting for their own pets. For example, displaying a leash at the door, treats in containers and a tasteful, modern water bowl full of fresh water in the kitchen paints the right picture. Clean dog or cat beds and baskets in the living room show that the pets are family members too.

As a pet owner, what do I need to know when purchasing a home?

Check HOA deed rules and restrictions. Consider the home layout inside and out. For example, look at carpeting and tiled floors and ask yourself what is best for your pet. If you have an older pet, will a lot of stairs be an issue? Look for enough yard or living space to live and play. Is the yard fenced in?

How do I find a pet friendly neighbourhood?

Make a list of what’s important for you and your pets. Are there pet welcoming restaurants or a pet groomer in the vicinity? Once you’ve prioritized your list, begin researching things such as nearby parks, dog parks and walking paths, vet care and specialty pet stores.

How do I move with my pets?

Dogs and cats love having a routine. During the moving process it’s important to keep a consistent schedule for your pet’s walks, feeding and play times. Leave moving boxes out prior to packing to let your pet become acclimatized to their new (temporary) world of boxes everywhere. If your pet is showing anxious behavior, try positive association with that favorite treat by tossing it over by the boxes while using positive reinforcement.

Let Jacquie find you and your pets the perfect home